The Plan

Super easy fat loss plan:

  • Take a multivitamin
  • Eat a high protein fueling snack that is 100 - 130 calories spaced out five (5) times per day
  • Have a dinner that is 5 - 7 oz of protein (cooked weight) and non-starchy vegetables

Compared to other weight loss plans, this diet has a couple things going for it:

  • Outside of the first week, you don’t feel hangry too often. Every once in a while it will hit, but you can have some pickles or another fueling to make it through. Not going to lie, the first week is rough though.
  • It’s convenient; way less meals to plan and pack - just grab your four fuelings for the day and head off to work or school. Get home, have your healthy dinner, and then your last snack and head to bed.

As always, talk with your doctor. Everyone’s situation is different, this site is not medical advice and we don’t want you to be hurt or injured by following advice on the internet without talking to someone who knows your health.