Helpful Optavia Diet Tools

Fueling and Water Tracker

Optavia Fueling and Water Tracker
Use this planner to quickly track your fuelings and hydration!

Fueling Organizer

Fueling Organizer
Tired of digging through boxes of cartons for your fuelings? Try this handy hanging fueling organizer!

Shake Frother

Fueling Shake Frother
Easier to clean than using shaker bottles or blenders to make your shake fueling creamy and delicious!

Bentgo Stackable Lean & Green Lunch Container

Stackable Salad Lunch Container
Keep your greens fresh and crispy by sepseparating your toppings ready to eat!

HomeEdge Break-Apart Fueling Molds

Optavia Fueling Molds
Mix a Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownies, or Cinnamon Cream Cheese Cake Fueling with 5.5 tbsp of water & freeze in these molds for a tasty bar treat!

Shake Fueling Bottles

Shake Fueling Bottles
Pre-make your OptaVia shakes for grab-and-go convenience!

Fueling Pancake Maker

Optavia Fueling Pancake Maker
Turn your protein fuelings into tasty little pancakes!

Lean & Green Spiralizer

Optavia Lean & Green Spiralizer
Make tasty vegetable noodles as an alternative to pasta!

Insulated Hot Fueling Thermos

Insulated Hot Fueling Thermos
Prep your soup, pasta, and potato fuelings in the morning and they stay hot until lunch!

Crockpot Electric Lunch Fueling Box

Crockpot Electric Lunch Fueling Box
Warm up your lunch fuelings at work with this handy single serve crock pot!